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Are you a collector, a craftsman, or simply curious about the micro-scale world? Miniature Fairs connects enthusiasts from all over the globe, offering not just miniatures but also inspiration and community.


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Welcome to Miniature Fairs, the gateway to the enchanting realm of miniatures and dollhouses! By landing here, it's evident you share our deep-rooted passion for the finer details, the artistry of craftsmanship, and the endless possibilities that micro-scale world building presents. Our platform serves as a beacon for enthusiasts like you, illuminating the intricacies and marvels of miniatures. Whether you're a seasoned collector, an adept craftsman, or a budding enthusiast just dipping your toes into this captivating world, Miniature Fairs promises to be your trusted companion. Dive deeper, explore the myriad facets, and let's celebrate the tiny wonders that bring immense joy! Join us in embracing the magic of the miniature universe, where every tiny detail tells a grand story.

Simply put, this is the go-to reference site if you're a dedicated collector of dollhouses, an enthusiast of miniatures, or just keenly curious. Created with miniature aficionados from across the globe in mind, our platform holds a special focus on the UK's vibrant community. Miniature Fairs is not just a website; it's a passion project aimed at connecting like-minded individuals. Our mission is crystal clear: to bridge enthusiasts from varied backgrounds, provide tools to expand their cherished collections, nurture new skills, and foster meaningful connections within this remarkable community. Here, every miniature lover finds a space to grow, share, and marvel at the intricate beauty of this craft. We're dedicated to nurturing your passion and helping you weave into the rich tapestry of miniature aficionados.

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"Delve into the World of Miniature Fairs: Your Ultimate Guide to Dollhouses, Detailed Craftsmanship, and the Mesmerizing Realm of Micro Masterpieces!"

Why Choose Miniature Fairs?

The world of miniatures is vast and ever-evolving, with endless nuances and intricacies. And in this extensive realm, Miniature Fairs stands out as your ultimate guide. But why should you align your miniature passion with us?

A Comprehensive Directory at Your Fingertips

Firstly, by navigating through our user-friendly website, you can effortlessly find a dollhouse or a miniature fair happening near you. We pride ourselves on hosting an up-to-date catalog encompassing all pivotal events in the miniature world. From quaint local gatherings where like-minded enthusiasts share their newest creations to grand national fairs and conventions showcasing the latest trends and innovations, our directory is comprehensive.

A Community Tailored Just For You

Whether you're an established collector with a room full of meticulously crafted scenes, a craftsman pouring heart and soul into every miniature creation, or a budding enthusiast taking the initial steps into this mesmerizing world, Miniature Fairs has a spot tailored for you. We aim to cater to every miniature need, aspiration, and curiosity.

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But the cherry on top? By subscribing to our FREE mailing list, you get a detailed rundown straight to your inbox. This list covers every miniature fair and dollhouse show scheduled in the UK for the upcoming month. It ensures you're always in the loop, aware of every significant event. This way, you'll never miss out on an opportunity to dive deeper into your passion, connect with fellow enthusiasts, or discover that one elusive piece that completes your collection. With Miniature Fairs by your side, your miniature journey is bound to be a fulfilling one!

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Dollhouse Organizers and Miniature Fair Coordinators, our website is your key to expanding your footprint in the world of miniatures. Visibility in the digital realm is paramount, and we offer the necessary tools and platform to help you achieve prominence in this field.

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Our portal holds the distinction of being one of the most frequently visited sites in the UK in the miniatures category. This means that by showcasing with us, you gain access to a broad audience of potential customers, dealers, and miniature enthusiasts.

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By providing advertising space for your dollhouse shows and miniature venues, we assist in drawing in more guests. A higher attendee count translates to better sales, increased recognition, and overall market success.

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While our platform is perfect for collectors, we also cater to the needs of event organizers. We understand the challenges you face and have curated a series of special promotions to effectively reach a wider audience. Our mission is to support you at every step of the event organization, helping to highlight the uniqueness of each event, increasing attendance, and ensuring that every fair or show becomes a memorable success.

Upcoming Events

Unleash your curiosity: Dive into our upcoming events!

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The Grand London Miniature Showcase 2023

Date: September 12th - September 14th, 2023
Location: The Royal Exhibition Building, Central London

Set within the historic walls of The Royal Exhibition Building in Central London, The Grand London Miniature Showcase promises an enchanting dive into a universe where the minute turns majestic. Visitors are invited to wander through breathtaking displays ranging from idyllic dollhouses capturing the essence of English charm to intricate cityscapes reflecting urban grandeur, all meticulously crafted by England's crème de la crème of miniature artisans.

  • The event's pièce de résistance is a series of workshops led by the distinguished miniature maestro, Olivia Wentworth. These sessions promise insights and revelations into the refined art of miniature making. History aficionados will revel in the exclusive "History of English Miniatures" exhibition, which elegantly traces the evolution of this art form since the Victorian era.
  • Young attendees aren't left behind, with a vibrant kids' zone designed to ignite young imaginations and foster budding talents.
  • Ensure your spot in this mesmerizing showcase by booking your tickets online. Grab them now to avail of the enticing early bird offers!
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Bristol Miniature & Dollhouse Fair 2023

Date: October 5th - October 6th, 2023
Location: Bristol Convention Centre, Bristol

Discover the enchanting allure of the southwest, meticulously captured in diminutive scale at the Bristol Miniature & Dollhouse Fair. For two captivating days, immerse yourself in a realm of exquisite craftsmanship, connect with passionate aficionados, and find that perfect addition to your cherished collection.

  • Revel in a bustling bazaar of over 100 stalls, each presenting unique miniatures, charming accessories, and essential crafting supplies.

  • Be entranced by live demonstrations, where master craftsmen reveal cutting-edge miniature crafting techniques.

  • Participate in a heartwarming charity auction. Esteemed artists have generously contributed their miniature masterpieces, and every penny raised aids the Children's Hospital in Bristol.

Don't miss out on this magical microcosmic expedition. Secure your place now and embark on a memorable miniature adventure!

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Discover the fascinating world of miniatures in our unique gallery. Immerse yourself in the details that come alive in these small works of art. Browse our collection and let these extraordinary miniatures transport you to a place of imagination and mastery.

Current announcements

Unearth hidden treasures in our curated collection of miniatures and give your display an enchanting upgrade today!

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Vintage Victorian Dollhouse

Delight in a piece of history with this beautifully crafted Victorian-style dollhouse. Every room tells a story, adorned with intricate wallpapers, chandeliers, and wooden flooring. Features four spacious rooms, an attic, and a miniature garden. Perfect for those who appreciate attention to detail. A treasure for serious collectors or a memorable gift for a loved one.

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Miniature Metropolis

Immerse yourself in the bustling streets of a hand-painted miniature city, capturing every detail from towering skyscrapers to quaint cafes. Marvel at the intricate designs of each building and the miniature vehicles navigating the streets. This artwork encapsulates urban life in miniature form, offering endless exploration for your eyes. A centerpiece for any miniature collection.

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Exclusive Summer Bliss Barbie

Glistening in her summer glory, meet the Summer Bliss Barbie! Her hair flows in wavy locks, reflecting the ocean's gentle waves. Whether you're a collector or seeking a piece that encapsulates the spirit of summer, this Barbie is the epitome of sunshine and beachy elegance. A limited-edition release, make sure you add this radiant beauty to your collection before she dances away in the sunset!


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